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Vivekananda Siksha Niketan Trust

Vivekananda Siksha Niketan Trust is a grassroots voluntary Organization working amidst the poor and the disadvantage section of the society in a group of remote village of Bhagabatipur in South24 Pgs district.The spirit of fellow-feeling apathy and deep concern for the poor is the main aim of the organization. This spirit is the driving force for our trust in sustaining as a grassroot organization. Registered under the West Bengal Trust Act-XXVI of 1961, FCRA Registration Act. 1976 ministry of home Affairs Govt. of India and 12AA. 80G Income Tax Govt. of India.

The organization is being governed by a Managing Committee which is an elected body. The committee looks after all financial and programme affairs of the organization.

The day to day activities of Vivekananda Siksha NiketanTrust are being carried out by some subcommittees ably assisted by a core function team of paid and voluntary workers.

Vivekananda Siksha Niketan Trust has formed the people’s committee (s) and the women Development Groups at the village level with a view to ensuring participation of the people in the development process.

Vivekananda Siksha NiketanTrust is open secular, non-political, non-profitable and non-family bases engaged in rural upliftment organization for the down trodden people under the district of South 24 Parganas. It works also with the guidance and co-operation of adjacent Gram Panchayet.

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